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As home building trends have evolved over the past few decades, home furnishings and design have kept pace. Custom frame designs should also be adapted to relate to those changes. Here are some of the popular building and design trends, followed by framing solutions that help framed art relate to its environment.

Trend - Hardwood Floors
Framing Solution = Because a wood floor is a large surface in a room, rather than choosing a wood frame that matches the floor, consider a contrasting finish. As you can see in the photo above, the gold frame shown helps the art stand out so it becomes a nice focal point in the space.

Trend - Open Floor Plans
Framing Solution = An open floor plan means fewer walls separating spaces. Since walls are the usual spot to display framed pieces, you may need to look for other alternatives such as the upper wall space shown here. Try displaying a painting on a floor easel in the corner, setting smaller frames in bookcases, etc. Open floor plans allow you to see farther from room to room. In order to maximize viewing pleasure, consider selecting somewhat more dramatic art to frame when it can be seen from a longer distance.

 Trend - High Ceilings
 Framing Solution = In rooms with high ceilings there are several ways you can relate framing to your space. You can start with vertical pieces of art. If you have pairs or sets, hang them up the wall versus across it. If the art is something you can mat, your mat borders can be bottom-weighted or elongated to fill more vertical space.

Trend - More Windows
Framing Solution = Windows take away wall space where framed art may otherwise have been displayed. Look for other places and ways to display art. Your “wall” may be the side of a built-in bookcase or even a closet door. Also use conservation grade glass to protect your art from the light that comes inside through all that glass.

Trend - Colorful Walls
Framing Solution = Although colorful walls have been popular long enough now that some people are over it and going back to neutrals, all sorts of colors are still fashionable. Neutral mat colors are the best choice to provide the flexibility to look good on either background.

Trend - Large Scale Furniture
Framing Solution = Over the past few decades, as large homes popped up across the U.S., furniture manufacturers have followed suit, creating pieces to be proportional to the larger rooms. When you are having something custom framed, be aware that the proportions of the frame and mat can help balance it too. A single piece of art can be framed larger or smaller to fit different spaces.

 Trend - Eclectic Design
Framing Solution = Design today is often less pure than in the past. A traditional home may have contemporary features or a Victorian chair may get an updated new look with modern upholstery. Likewise with custom framing, you can mix and match art and framing styles to get the right look for your home.

 Trend - Built-in Bookcases
Framing Solution = Built-ins take away wall space where framed art might otherwise hang. Rather than giving up on displaying your favorite treasures, there are several ways to utilize this space. Remove a shelf to create a larger open space where you can hang a framed piece on the wall at the back of the bookcase. Prop smaller pieces on easels. If the shelves are loaded with books, hang a small piece in front of the books, from the shelf itself.

Trend - Leaning Framed Art
Framing Solution = Rather than always hanging framed art on the wall, you can set pieces on mantels, shelves or other pieces of furniture. You can combine multiple pieces, with one overlapping in front of another.

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