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sports shadowbox
 Unique Framing Ideas
If you would like to have a home filled with personality and one-of-a-kind treasures, custom framing can easily help you achieve it. Many people just have things like art, photos and diplomas framed, but nearly anything can be framed in some fashion. 
We can create special frame designs to address your unique style and space, to provide the best framing solutions for each item you bring to us. 

framed cross-stitch
Think Inside The Box! This cross-stitch ornament is dimensional so it was framed in a shadowbox.
Needle Art & Textiles
There are several different approches to framing needle art and other textiles, depending on the attributes of each piece. Although fabric such as drapes and upholstered furniture are not protected by glass, after the long hours spent creating these works of art, glazing is suggested as a means of protecting needlework from airbourne pollutants such as smoke or grease, as well as curious fingers.
Glass should never come in direct contact with your needlework. Unless the glass can be separated from the needlework by a liner or mats, a spacer should always be added. We recommend coservation grade glass or acrylic.

military collage
Frame your Hero! What better way to pay tribute to the special people who defend our country.
Framing Photography
All too often photos are placed into photo frames or simple readymades when they could look so much more special in custom frame designs. There should always be an air space between the glass and the photo...something that is often neglected unless it is custom framed.


When choosing mats and frames for your photos, think about the subject, era, color, style, and substrate. When you pay attention to each of these categories, your frame design will be the most flattering to the photo.


Unless you own the digital file or negative to create a new photo, you should always treat photos like any other work of art by using conservation grade framing materials.

canvas framing
Tip: Art on canvas is rarely covered with glass or acrylic.
Art on Canvas
When a single moulding on canvas is used, consider that it may need to make up for everything that is not there, like mats. For example, use moulding that has a contrasting lip, wider profile, and perhaps some texture or ornamentation.
Liners are to canvases what a mat is to a print on paper. Both serve as a border that provides a breathing space or area of visual relief so the frame doesn’t crowd the art and the art can be focused on without distraction from other elements in the decor.
A float frame allows you to present the art without covering the edge as a standard frame will. When used alone, a float provides the most minimal frame design.

framing objects
Objects are often some of the most meaningful things you can frame.
Framing Objects
Whether you choose something passed down from an ancestor, a souvenir from a special trip, or you find something interesting at a flea market, they can all be framed to become conversation pieces in your home or office.
The main difference when framing an object versus art is to make sure you choose a frame moulding that is deep enough to contain the object, glass, backing and whatever else will go into it. Aside from that, many of the same framing materials used for anything else can be used for objects also.

framing limited edition prints
Not all art on paper is framed alike. The quality of the framing materials, as well as the colors, styles and proportions may all vary, depending specifically on what it is you want to frame.
Framing Art on Paper
Prints are typically framed using mats and glass. Inexpensive prints are often framed decoratively, to coordinate with the decor of the room where they will be displayed.
Limited editions are treated more like original art in that they are generally framed in a more neutral and classic fashion.
Watercolor paintings are generally matted and placed behind glass or acrylic. Watercolor paint tends to look light and airy and it has a translucent quality. To maintain that look, avoid mats and frames that are dark and heavy.
Pastels are like chalk. To prevent smearing pastel artwork they are typically matted and placed behind glass.
A diploma should be properly protected and presented by using good quality framing. Since a diploma may be used in an office for an entire career, choose classic designs that will endure.
Whether paper artwork is in good condition or not, it is always best to use conservation framing materials and techniques.

If you do not want your home to wind up looking like your freinds and neighbor's homes, explore the more creative side of custom framing.
The Impact of Custom Framing
 Most of us hang onto objects that came from special moments in our lives. They may be family heirlooms passed down from parents, something relating to the sports or hobbies we love, or souvenirs bvrought back from a wonderful trip.
Personalizing your home or work space with custom framing is a great way to express your personality and to enjoy your surroundings. 
Regardless of what you choose to have framed for your home, whether it is a favorite piece of art, a mirror, an object inherited from an ancestor or anything else, it will add interest to your space.

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