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SELECTION...From simple to spectacular, we've got the frame to suit your style.
The Elements of Custom
Picture Framing

An extensive line of custom frames of enduring style and superior craftsmanship.
Our customers have come to rely on us for all types of frames, mats, glass, in thousands of styles, shapes, and finishes.  
Shadow Box Frames
Take 3 dimensional objects and display them in extremely "deep" frames suitable for wall hanging or table tops.  Acrylic shadow boxes are also available.

Metal Frames
Our aluminum frames offer dazzling colors with a durable finishes making these frames ideal for posters and large art requiring strength. 

Oval Frames

We offer oval and round picture frames, convex glass and antique replica frames.  These hard to find frames are available through special order in hundreds of styles, sizes, shapes, and finishes.

Fillets are shallow, narrow mouldings designed to be used along with the inside edge of a mat or frame.  They add dimension and interest to your piece and can often be used to accent a color and compliment the frame.

Flatscreen Framing
Enhance the appearance of any LCD or Plasma screen with custom crafted accents, and customize your viewing experience to fit your home or office.

A comprehensive selection of choices in colors, textures, and fabrics...
Our mats are conservation quality to protect your artwork for a lifetime!   Why use conservation mats?  Materials that touch and support the art must be acid and lignin free.  These agents, over time, will damage the art and quickly discolor the media touching it. 

Multiple Openings
Display multiple images within separate windows in a single or layered matboard.  Be creative with different sized openings and multiple mats to inspire interest and dimension.  If you need a single mat opening or multiples we can make it any size you require.

Decorative Mats
Let us cut specialized designs into the matboard to enhance the look of the artwork being framed.  Thousands of designs are available.

Fabric Wrapped Mats
Cover the matboard for your art with rich fabric to give it a custom look to match your decor.  Often used to complement the colors and fabrics for your room or hall.

Customize your masterpiece!

Bring us your Canvas or Needle Work art and we can mount, stretch and frame it if you so desire.  Accent your decor in your own personal style.  

If it's worth framing - Frame it to last!...
The easiest most cost effective way to help prevent UV light damage is to use Conservation Series® Glass, you are insuring that at least 99% of these most damaging light rays are filtered out before ever coming into contact with your artwork. 

Conservation Clear®  Glass
Looks like regular glass but blocks 99% UV light to protect your art from fading. 

Museum Glass®
In addition to blocking 99% UV light this nearly invisible glass has almost no reflection - excellent for all your framing projects including shadow boxes and deep mat depths.  It gives the appearance that you can actually touch the artwork. 

Conservation Reflection Control® Glass
A non-glare glass ideal for frames with up to 2 mats.

Acrylite Glass®
Acrylic glass that blocks 99% UV light to protect your art from fading.  Light weight and impact resistant.

Preservation Plus

Treat your most valuable artwork to Fastframe's exclusive treatment using only the highest quality, museum standard materials for total protection and preservation. 

Canvas Framing
Offering a broad selection of custom design and colored mats for picture frames!
Picture Framing Glass Options
NOT ALL GLASS IS CREATED EQUAL-click image for more information
Lamination framing knoxville tn
Colorplak is great for...Children's Artwork, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Corporate Artwork, Maps, Posters, Photographs, Newspapers, Postcards, Menus, and Certificates and Awards.
An alternative picture framing process where your image is dry mounted onto fiberboard and sealed with a UV matte finish lamination.  Available in your choice of over 30 beveled edge colors.   Art Lamination is recommended for artwork 4' X 8' and under. 

Design & Craftsmanship, Your Total Satisfaction Guarantee

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